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Barrier® Extra Protection Face Mask

Barrier® Extra Protection Face Mask

Lavender coloured, fluid-resistant, anti-fog, tie band face mask.
This high-filtration face mask is designed especially for helping in the protection against laser surgery generated airborne particles.
It combines low breathing resistance, superior filter characteristics and protection against potential fluid strike and transference of microbes to the user from the spray or splash of bodily fluids.

  • Low breathing resistance makes it easier to breathe and is more comfortable over long periods
  • High level of bacterial filtration efficiency reduces the spread of bacteria to the air in the operating room
  • Splash-resistant surgical masks reduce the risk for the wearer of being exposed to contaminated fluids
  • Exceeds the minimum requirements of the European Standard EN 146832
  • Four-layer, splash-resistant design
  • >98% bacterial filtration efficiency
  • Extra long tie bands

Barrier® Extra Protection Face Mask

  • Barrier® Extra Protection Face Mask         £17.50  50/Box



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