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TKTX Black 40% Tattoo Cream Permanent Makeup for Eyebrow, Lip ,Body


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TKTX is still the Favoriteand one of the most sold of the entire line of Numbing creams in the world. This is due to its great anesthetic power in conjunction with rapid occlusion, being super indicated for micropigmentation, tattooing, waxing and many others. Scope Of Use: TKTX numb cream is suitable for reducing pain during superficial skin surgery. Such as: tattoos, permanent makeup (eyebrows, lips, eyeliner), microneedle beauty, puncture, laser hair removal, laser resurfacing, IPL treatment, electrocautery.

TKTX Black 40% Tattoo Cream Permanent Makeup for Eyebrow, Lip ,Body

  • How to Use TKTX: Wash the area that needs anesthesia with soap and hot water. Cover the skin with a towel (40℃~50℃) and keep it for 5 minutes to increase the skin temperature and open the pores, which will help the anesthetic to penetrate the skin quickly. Spread a small amount of cream on the skin and rub it gently with your hands to make the cream and skin completely stick together. Then apply a second layer of cream on the skin (please keep 1/8 inch or 2 coins thick). Cover the cream with plastic wrap to keep the temperature of the cream consistent with the skin temperature. When the time reaches 45-50 minutes, please remove the plastic wrap and clean the cream, and then start working(Usually numb the skin for 3-5 hours). If you want to numb quickly, you need to cover the cling film with a towel (50℃~60℃) again, and keep it for 5-10 minutes (it will numb after 20-25 minutes).

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