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Teenitor Nail Polish Gel Remover Tools Kit with Nail Clips Nail Remover Pads Cut

Colour - Purple

Only 5 steps, remove nail polish gels easily, DIY at home

Step 1: Grinding nail polish gel seal surface by coarse sand file 100/180 grits and clean by nail brushes

Start by using a coarse nail file to gently (and slowly) sand down the top layer of gel. The point is just to remove the very top layer of the gel polish.

Step 2: Wrapped with nail remover pads with acetone

Tear and wrap your fingertips in the squares, repeat this wrapping on all ten nails

Step 3: Clipping the wrapped nails with nail clips ( fits all size), wait for 18-30 minutes

Clip the wrapped nails which help apply slight pressure to the nail and then leave your clip-covered fingertips alone for about 18 to 20 minutes

Step 4: Scratching off nail plate residue gels with Cuticle Pusher after taking out clips

The wait is over! Taking out clips, if there is any gel left over, gently and carefully remove it with a Cuticle Pusher, working under the gel to lift it off the nail plate

Step 5: Polishing nail beds by buffer block

After a long acetone adventure, your nails will likely be a bit dried up, don’t worry , Polishing nail beds with buffer block , your nail grow shiny again, suggest apply a cuticle oil on your nail beds to rejuvenate and rehydrate them

Teenitor Brand & Unique Packing

This set is sold by Teenitor and 400/4000 buffer block also printed with logo"teenitor", all accessories are made of premium material and packed in Teenitor Unique Packing, please check it before add it to basket to make sure you get the professional nail art tools.

shape & trim

smooth to shine

push off the gel

Features & details

New At-home gel remover kit come to life: When it comes to gel nails, removal is often the hardest part of all. Need to get your gel polish off and don't have the time or patience to head to the salon? We've been there, these cute tools include everything you need to soak, dissolve, and remove gel polish-coarse sand file, handle grip nail brushes, nail remover pads, nail clips, Cuticle Pusher& buffer block

Only 5 steps, so easy: Only 5 steps (Grind, Wrap, Clip, Scratch, Polish), remove nail polish gels easily without the salon visit. Just replicate with your own two hands

Save your time, save your money: Gel manicures used to be strictly salon-only, so when your perfect gel mani starts to grow out, waiting, sitting down and having someone pamper your hands for an hour is an indulgence of time. In addition, it’s not a small extra fee. Now we've found the solution to DIY gel removal that lets you wear pajama, no makeup and indulged in STAC while remove your gel mani

Picking off your gels and no destroying your nails: the temptation to pick, rip or bite off the polish is strong. But resist it which weakens your nail, you can remove gel without damaging your nails. So It's so key for the gel enthusiast to know to how to remove gel nail polish at home safely without going to the salon, Follow the below guides, your nails will stay strong and healthy

Hygienic and reusable: these adorable and durable tools are private owned avoiding bacteria infection some problem, washable and reusable, could be rinsed with antibacterial soap & disinfect

Teenitor Nail Polish Gel Remover Tools Kit with Nail Clips Nail Remover Pads Cut

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