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Readiwipes® Moist Skin Cleansing Wipes


Readiwipe Skin Cleansing Wipes in a resealable drum containing 200 wipes. These moist, lightly fragranced wipes provide effective cleansing, but are kind to the skin. Suitable for use by patients and carers.

  • Strong, non-woven wipes will not break down in normal use
  • Material is highly absorbent and will remain wet during use
  • Contains added skin softener and moisturiser

Readiwipes® Moist Skin Cleansing Wipes

    • The effective alcohol based antibacterial action of these wipes ensures thorough cleansing of the skin
    • Wipes are made from very strong fabric and will not easily tear or perforate in use
    • Wipe size 20cm x 22cm


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