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Mylee 5 in 1 Builder Base Strengthening Gel 15ml, UV/LED Nail Polish Coat for Ha

Achieve a salon-perfect finish with this high-performance sculpting gel, expertly formulated to enhance, strengthen and lengthen natural nails.

As part of the Mylee professional nail care range, this 5-in-1 Builder Gel creates a natural-looking protective overlay to reinforce and strengthen the nails. Even beginners will find it easy to sculpt beautifully-shaped nails, with a super-smooth finish that guarantees a glossy, mirror-like shine. Create the perfect nail shape with this durable sculpting gel, which allows three-dimensional moulding to build your ideal length and style. Using a small brush, it’s simple to extend the natural nail into a beautifully formed extension up to 1cm long.


builder gel

With 5 uses, Mylee 5-in-1 Builder Gel can be applied:

As a base to enhance the nail shape

As a strengthening top coat

To create a fuller, more natural nail shape

To build a nail extension up to 1cm long

To secure jewels and decals for nail art

builder gel

With a variety of uses, this hard-wearing Builder Gel can be used to enhance, strengthen or lengthen your natural nails.

Love Korean-style nail art? You’ll be amazed how easy it is to adorn your nails with sparkly jewels, decals, rhinestones and 3D decorations for a truly glam finish.

Weak nails? Mylee 5-in-1 Builder Gel creates a strong layer to reinforce and shield the natural nails. This hard-wearing overlay protects the nails and promotes healthy growth.

Want longer nails? Use Mylee 5-in1 Builder Gel to sculpt stunning nail extensions up to 1cm long – without the fuss of liquid-to-powder ratios!


This multipurpose Builder Gel is the perfect clear shade. A translucent shade perfect if you want to keep your nails looking naturals, or providing the ideal base for all kinds of nail art.


This multipurpose Builder Gel is the perfect peachy shade. A sheer and semi-translucent peach shade, this colour is perfect for a ‘barely there’ natural nail.


This multipurpose Builder Gel is the perfect pale pink. A sheer and semi-translucent delicate pink it’s great for a subtle, natural mani!



This multipurpose Builder Gel is a sheer pastel white. A semi-translucent shade it’s perfect for a fresh and clean feeling mani, under other polishes to make their colours pop, and is a great base for any nail art!

builder gel

Strengthen natural nails

After nail prep has been completed, apply Builder Gel and cure under UV lamp for 2 minutes or LED lamp for 60 seconds.

Apply colour gel and cure for 2 minutes (UV) /30-60 seconds (LED). Build to get the desired colour effect.

Instead of Top Coat apply a layer of Builder Gel and cure for 2 minutes (UV) / 60 seconds (LED).

Remove tacky layer using Mylee’s Prep and Wipe.

builder gel

Extend the nails & shape

After nail prep has been completed, apply base coat and cure under UV or LED lamp.

Attach nail form and use brush to apply Mylee 5 in 1 Builder Gel over entire nail, extending the tip to create desired shape. Cure for 2 minutes (UV) / 60 seconds (LED).

Apply the second layer of Builder Gel and cure for 2 minutes (UV) / 60 seconds (LED). Repeat this up to 4 times to achieve desired length and thickness.

Remove nail form, then file tip into shape.

Apply colour coat and top coat as normal.

builder gel

Attach decals/jewels or encapsulate sequins

Prep the nail and apply colour.

Apply a dab of Builder Gel where you want to place the jewel/decal.

Using tweezers, pick up the jewel and place it on the nail, then cure for 2 minutes (UV) / 60 seconds (LED).

Apply another layer of Builder Gel over the decal and full nail, to encapsulate the item and stick it firmly. Cure for 2 minutes (UV) / 60 seconds (LED).

Wipe away tacky layer using Prep and Wipe.

Features & details

5-IN-1 PRODUCT – Create perfectly-shaped nails with Mylee 5-in-1 Builder Gel, expertly formulated to ensure long-lasting, professional results. This multi use product allows you to SHAPE, ATTACH DECALS/JEWELS and LENGTHEN up to 1cm, as well as provide a strong and protective BASE COAT, or a tough and long lasting TOP COAT.

EASY TO APPLY – With a brush-on application, Mylee Builder Gel makes it easy to sculpt beautiful nails. Suitable for both professional and personal use, this high-performance gel can be effortlessly moulded to build and contour the nail. Enhance your natural nails by creating a fuller and more flattering shape, or lengthen nails by building an extension up to 1cm long using nail tips or nail forms.

LENGTH & STRENGTH – As a base, this hard-wearing Builder Gel forms a strong, protective layer to enhance the shape of your natural nails. This fortifies weak nails and helps them to grow healthy, strong and long. For super-sleek talons, Mylee 5-in-1 Builder Gel can be used to easily extend the nails to your preferred length and shape. With a high-gloss finish, it creates the perfect canvas to ensure a beautiful, mirror-like shine.

IDEAL FOR NAIL ART – For a touch of bling, this super-strength Builder Gel is ideal for enhancing the nails with jewels, decals, sequins and diamantes. Take your manicures to the next level by incorporating 3D nail art into your designs. With a small brush, it’s easy to use Mylee Builder Gel to encapsulate decals for a truly stunning and hard-wearing finish. Unleash your creativity!

EASY TO REMOVE – As well as being easy to apply, Mylee 5-in1 Builder Gel is specially formulated for quick and easy removal. When it’s time to switch colours, simply file and soak off. Whether you’re at home or in the salon, it’s easy to achieve a professional finish, especially when used alongside other products in the Mylee range. Plus, it’s vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

Mylee 5 in 1 Builder Base Strengthening Gel 15ml, UV/LED Nail Polish Coat for Ha

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