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Eyebrow Brush Set – Stiff Angled Brow Brushes and Firm Comb | Angle Makeup Brush
Vertex Beauty Products were created by Expert Makeup Artists & Experienced Estheticians. Our years of experience in the cosmetics & beauty industry allow us to understand the challenges women have with shaping, filling and contouring brows. Our brushes are to help you create flawless brows though each step of brow makeup application.
Angle Thinner Mascara Clump Removal eyes slant shadow tapered vegan brushed bent crease tint shader
Create Flawless Eyebrows
At Vertex Beauty, we know how important flawlessly shaped brows are to women. Each brush was designed to help you create exquisitely shaped eyebrows at home. Our brushes will assist with filling, shaping and contouring your brows for gorgeous finishes. Our innovative designs and high-quality synthetic hair give you precise control while creating perfectly shaped brows.
Brush Set Features
Unique Hand Cut Brush Hair Angles With Premium Hair
Great Brush Hair Stiffness For Precise Application & A Duo Spoolie Brush
Brush Density Specifically Made For Brow Pomade, Gels & Concealer
2 Thin Angled Sizes For Amazing Shaping & Filling
2 Brow Concealer Brushes For Under & Over Arch Shaping & Definition
Perfect Brush Hair For Sensitive Skin
Precision emaxdesign cosmetics maquillaje flat crown make up difuminar sombras ojos bristles under
Innovative Design, Flawless Application
pointed morphe cepillo fine bruah thick artist spoolies dense precise tools ladies womans foundation 
Create With Precise Control
Achieve perfectly symmetrical brows with shaping, filling and arch definition. Our Eyebrow Brush Set is designed to execute precise contouring control when using creams or primers. Limited Edition Brushes, longer lasting, no shedding & easy clean.
elf eco 7 eywbrow wyebrow flat brushh 7b spool liner ecotools sigma round super waterproof pencil 
Safe For Sensitive Skin
Our Eyebrow Brush Set is designed in the USA & made with high quality non bleached synthetic hair (AAA), 100% safe for sensitive skin - Vegan, Cruelty Free & Hypoallergenic. The quality helps with creating a simple cleaning process with water or makeup brush cleaner
dark light eyeshadow synthetic shadow eyebrush real cut brushs smudgetr eyshadow deluxe bleding 
Blend and Fill to Perfection
Flawlessly blend contoured edges, fill brows to your perfection, and define your arches with our uniquely designed eyebrow brushes. With easy to hold handles and hand cut bristles, these brushes with help you create gorgeous, flawless eyebrows.
Features & details
CREATE PERFECT DEFINITION: Fine Razor hand-cut bristles designed with precise angles making flawless hair-like strokes and define unique contours for flawless eyebrows. These shaping and reshaper brushes have easy to hold handles to apply makeup like tinting filler used with brow stencils, slanted brushes, and dense contouring brushes to contour your brows with unique matte, nude or color pigments for contours of flawless arched brows.
EFFORTLESS SHAPING & FILLING: Designed to help you create perfect brows, fill in tattoo brows with dip pomade and tinting filler to help you effortlessly blend & fill for gorgeous eyebrows, as well as, lining up angled cheekbones for contouring and blending with the small contour brush. Grooming your thick or thin brow shapes with our spooley to comb fine hair edges after use with eyebrow razors and scissors. Easily hold handles with our angled spoolie brush.
HIGH QUALITY BRUSHES: Made from premium synthetic hair with micro-thin edges for seamless makeup application and symmetrical brows. These multi-purpose brushes are for nose contouring, pencil brush stencil, and blender applicators. This eyebrow brush kit (brochas para cejas) was made to apply brow makeup with hydrating, moisturizing, and buttercup powder products to fill fine wrinkle lines and pores.
DESIGNED BY EXPERT MAKEUP ARTIST: Designed in the USA by experienced estheticians who understand the importance of flawlessly arched eyebrows, limit trimming your brow hair, defining and blending your natural hair with the A+ Spoolie. The four unique brushes give yourself professional eyebrows in no time. Our contour brushes are for shaping edges after using a wax kit and stencil kits with shea butter and highly pigmented products.

Eyebrow Brush Set – Stiff Angled Brow Brushes and Firm Comb | Angle Makeup Brush

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