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CleanSkin [80-Count] Cleansing Safe Green Soap Tattoo Wipes

[All in One] — We have created a new formula for tattoo and PMU Artists! Now you don't need to mix liquids to get a tattoo green soap to work during the procedure! All the tattoo supplies for cleaning and tattoo aftercare you need are here!

[Save Your Time] — Our tattoo ink wipes already come soaked in a tattoo cleaning soap premixed formula for the removal of dried blood, protein soils, and topicals from the skin and scalp. You no longer need to use multiple tattoo cleaning supplies. No more squeeze bottles, tattoo foam soap concentrates and cotton disks, we have done that job for you. Saving time saves you money!

[Natural] — There are only natural ingredients in our tattoo wipes for during tattooing that do not affect the effect of anesthesia in any way; they only perform their function - make the skin clean. It is an All-in-one Tattoo cleaning solution for your needs, a tattoo kit for your business!

[Alcohol/Fragrance/Lint Free] — Our tattoo cleaner wipes do not contain alcohol, unlike most “green soap” concentrates. This is very important since alcohol affects the color of the pigment. Alcohol-containing concentrates lead to the risk of losing the desired shade. Our tattoo wipes for skin use benzalkonium chloride instead of ethanol which is harmless for ink. Cleanskin tattoo wipes for skin also suitable as a piercing soap, microblading foam/ microblading soap, or a blue soap tattoo.

[Convenient] — You only touch one wipe that you will use. Before starting work, tear off the sticker and leave the wipes open until the end of the procedure. After the procedure, simply close the lid and do not open it until the next procedure, no need to wrap it in plastic. It is the same as using green soap for tattooing with bottle and cotton disks, but with no mess! You can use our tattoo aftercare soap wipes after the procedure as well instead of the regular tattoo soap aftercare.

CleanSkin [80-Count] Cleansing Safe Green Soap Tattoo Wipes

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