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Beurer MP70 Paraffin Wax Bath | For supple skin on your hands, feet and elbows |

The paraffin bath replacement set includes 2 x 450g paraffin wax with a delicate orange scent, and 30 plastic bath liners. Long-lasting care for stressed hands, feet and elbows.

hand wax care

Nourished skin in just a few minutes

Care for dry and stressed skin on hands, feet or elbows. Nourish your skin and improve your circulation in just 20 minutes.


How to treat dry and chapped skin on your feet, hands and elbows

Using the paraffin bath is easy - melt the paraffin wax with the Beurer Paraffin Bath MP70. Dip your hands, feet or elbows into the liquid-warm paraffin wax several times in succession for a short time and pull them out again. A thin layer of wax will form around the affected area. The heat of the paraffin wax opens the pores of your skin allowing for deeper moisturisation and nourishment leaving your skin soft and supple. After 20 minutes, simply remove the paraffin wax.



Product Description

Smooth hands and gently manicured toenails are always eye-catching and contribute to an attractive appearance. The Beurer MP70 paraffin bath produces perfect salon-quality results for rough, dry or stressed skin. The skin is moisturised by the warm paraffin wax and the absorption of nutrients is promoted for smooth hands, feet and elbows. Blood flow is stimulated at the same time. You will achieve noticeably softer and more relaxed skin as well as visually attractive hands and feet for the perfect look. Condition the dry and rough skin on your hands, feet or elbows. Achieve perfect salon-quality results and an improved blood flow during an exposure time of only 20 minutes. The paraffin wax with a pleasant fresh orange scent is included - start using the Beurer Paraffin bath right away for beautiful and well-cared for hands and feet.

Note: The important thing is to reduce the temperature level on the MP 70 before use. After heating, you should proceed as in the instructions, turn down the temperature a little, insert the protective grid, and then wait about 1 hour for the correct temperature of the kerosene wax.

Box Contains

1 x MP70

2 x 450g orange scented wax packs

30 x platic sheets

User manual

Gift box

Features & details

PARAFFIN BATH - The MP70 cares for coarse and dry skin by promoting blood circulationand deeper absorption of nutrients and moisture without greasy residues

HANDS, FEET AND ELBOWS - Generously sized so you can submerge those areas prone to cracked an stressed skin such as your hands, elbows or feet

ORANGE SCENTED WAX – The paraffin wax bath comes with 2 x 450g of premium paraffin wax (orange scented) and 30 plastic sheets

SELF-CARE - Well-maintained hands and nails are essential to make a good impression and boost up your self-esteem. Take your beauty routine to the next level with a paraffin wax bath

ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE – The easy-to-use electric wax bath comes with a continuous temperature regulation system for an optimal paraffin temperature

Product dimensions (L x W x D) : 33 x 23 x 18.5 cm

Product information Paraffin Wax Bath

Beurer MP70 Paraffin Wax Bath | For supple skin on your hands, feet and elbows |

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