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WeRChristmas Extra Thick Pre-Lit Multi-Function Garland with 80 Warm LED Lights,

This 9 ft Extra Thick Garland is part of the Cream and Gold Collection. This collection compliments warm colours and helps to add character to your home. This Garland features intricate decorations and 80 Pre-Lit Multi-Function LED Lights, ensuring that it is visible all angles. We have created this garland to be much thicker than the original 9 ft Garland and it provides a much fuller body. It is very flexible meaning you can place this in a variety of places around your home. We have a strict quality test on all of our Garlands so you can rest assured that it will come to you looking perfect. Make your dream Christmas a reality.

Key Features

9 ft

80 Warm White LED Lights

Intricate Decorations

Cream and Gold Collection


Mains Voltage

Product Details

Multiple Uses

This Garland is very large and can be used in a variety of places around your home such as the stair case, the mantelpiece or even on door and window frames.

LED Lights

Featuring 80 Warm White LED lights, this will provide a gentle glow to your home this year. It uses Battery Saving LED lights which are very durable, use much less power and are much safer for you and your family this Christmas.

Intricate detail

This Garland has been decorated with a variety of pine cones, berries, baubles, flowers and leaves. Some of these have been given a glitter finish and they all use Cream and Gold colours to compliment your Christmas.

Multi-Function Controller

Our Multi-Function Controller has memory save settings and allows you to choose between 8 modes:

Flash Type 1, Flash Type 2, Wave, Twinkle, Chasing, Fade, Static On and Static Off.

WeRChristmas Extra Thick Pre-Lit Multi-Function Garland with 80 Warm LED Lights,

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