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LIARTY Plasma Ozone Pen Remover Acne Whelk Anti Aging Wrinkle Treatment Beauty D
SMT1072 plasma skin calleidic machine makes use of the strong oxidation of active oxygen radicals produced during discharge to denature or coagulate the protein of bacteria; In addition, the high-speed particle flow breaks down the cell membrane and cell wall of bacteria, making the contents overflow, stimulating the activity of surface skin and promoting skin regeneration. Accelerate the recovery process to achieve antiaging, repair and firming multi-effect in one, and rejuvenate the skin to a beautiful young state.
React with air to form cellular active nitrogen and oxygen particles, which penetrate the cells instantly through the high-speed particle flow to purify the deep layer of the skin, gradually diffuse and dissolve the melanin. Stimulate cell collagen regeneration, repair damaged cells, and reduce skin sensitivity.
Plasma Ozone Acne Pen is outstanding for treating acne. The plasma technology destroys the bacteria, it sterilizes the skin, has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces sebum (oil) production by 25%!
1. 100% brand new and high quality.
2. Ozone plasma - efficient penetration.Help the active ingredients of the nutrient solution be completely absorbed, improve the skin and make the skin more lustrous.
3. Kill bacterial fungi and aphids in a very short period of time, and inhibit inflammation, acne effect is obvious.
4. Bactericidal and anti-inflammatory, effectively remove the deep acne bacteria in the skin, acne marks, hemorrhoids, acne and other effects, and prevent recurrence.
5. Whitening and freckle removing properties,making it capable of brightening and moisturizing the skin,and removing stains and freckles.
6. Accelerate skin metabolism, promote collagen regeneration, and alleviate skin aging.
7. Relieve skin itching caused by allergies and dryness.
8. Inhibits melanin, brightens skin tone, delicate skin texture and shrinks pores.
9. Easy to use and portable, take it with you wherever you go, when you want to use it. Suitable for home use and personal use
How To Use?
1. Unpack and take out the machine
2. Press the key to delay startup for 1 second to initiate the machine,
3. The green light came on,
4. By pressing the key again, the machine powers off
5. When the machine is turned on for 5 minutes, 5 rapid beeps will be sent out; After 10 minutes, 8 beeps will be sent out to indicate automatic shutdown. To continue using, please turn on the power again.
1. Do not use this product while it is charging.
2. After fully charging, please unplug the product and do not overcharge for a long time.
3. Keep the product away from overheated objects.
4.Do not let children use it directly
5. This product is not intended for any medical use and is intended for personal and non-professional use only.
6. if you have a blood ring disorder or thrombosis, suffering from skin sensitivity or skin infections, please consult your doctor before using the product.
7. Do not concentrate the product on a part of the human body for a long time.
8. It is recommended that the use time should not exceed 10 minutes. If you need to continue using it, please wait 10 minutes before starting the product.
9. Excessive use for extended periods of time may result in overheating of the product and shortened product life.

LIARTY Plasma Ozone Pen Remover Acne Whelk Anti Aging Wrinkle Treatment Beauty D

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