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IPL Hair Removal Device with Replaceable Attachment Design Home Use for Body, Fa
The Smart Choice >> Veme IPL Hair Remover
Tired of Traditional Hair Removal? Looking for a permanent and safe way to remove unwanted hair?
The VEME IPL permanent epilator is the best treatment, and it can be used at home without going to a beauty salon at an expensive cost.
VEME IPL hair remover uses pulsed light to break the cycle of hair regeneration. The controlled pulse of light is applied to the surface of the skin and absorbed by the hair follicle to retard hair growth from the roots. After regular and continuous use, inhibiting hair growth and keeping your skin silky and smooth. This is a safe, painless, and effectively permanent solution.
Our hair removal machine is suitable for women and men to use on body and face, such as upper lip, chin, finger, arm, armpit, bikini line, leg, back, stomach and chest.
ipl laser hair removal
All data are clearly visible on the smart LCD display
RS=Remainder Flashes, total flashes are more than 500,000, which's enough for one person to use the whole body for 25 years, or for 8-10 individuals' whole body hair removal
LVL=Energy Level, It comes with 5 different energy levels to adapt to different skin sensitivities. Note: Please start from Level 1 at the first using and then adjust gradually.
FUN=Function, this product only comes with a HR/hair removal function.
ipl laser hair removal
Switch and Level Adjustment
The VEME IPL hair removal device comes with 5 adjustable energy levels to suit different skin sensitivities.
Please select the low level (1-2) for the first use, it is also ideal for treating sensitive areas such as the face, the bikini line or armpits.
High energy provides more effective treatment, but it will warmer than the low level.
ipl laser hair removal
Replaceable Cartridge Design
This device can be reused, easily replace the lamp >> Make sure the device is turned off, then unplug the lamp, finally insert the new lamp.
For health reasons, when two or more people sharing the machine need to buy replacement bulbs. 500,000 pulse light is enough for one person.
Please note that our skin should not touch the glass in the lightning zone which is very hot. So when we use it, please don't press the device on the skin, just put it on the skin.
ipl laser hair removal
Manual flash & Automatic Flash
Manual Flash is used for small areas like underarms, bikini line and face.
Automatic Flash is used at a large area like legs, arms, back, stomach or chest etc for fast and efficient hair removal result.
How to know if it's in Manual Flash or Automatic Flash mode:
Press the flash button for 3s to start the Automatic Flash. As long as the lamp head touches the skin, the machine will automatically flash. In Automatic Flash mode, the display does not flash.
Simply press the flash button will start the Manual Flash. In Manual Flash mode every flash needs to press the button once. And the LCD display is flashing when the device touches the skin.
ipl laser hair removal 
Easy to Use & Corded-electric
To ensure that the hair follicles get the full effect of IPL, shave the area before irradiation.
Place the machine close to the skin and in a vertical state. Veme machine has a safety mechanism to protect your eyes. The pulsed light are only activated when the device attaches to the skin.
No batteries or charging required, just connect the device to start the treatments. In addition, the gel is not required.
ipl laser hair removal 
Suitable Hair Color and Skin Tone
The Veme laser hair removal device works effectively on naturally dark blonde, brown and black hair, and on the skin tone which is white, ivory, beige, light brown.
Note that
The IPL system cannot be used on white, gray, blonde or red hair; And dark brown and dark skin.
ipl laser hair removal 
Permanent Effect
4 weeks - 92% of hair follicles begin to wither, hair growth slows down and thins.
8 weeks - 93% were inhibited hair growth, significantly reduced hair.
12 weeks - 95% of the area was completely depilated.
Continued monthly treatments will keep you permanently hairless.
Warm tips:
1. For the best result, it is recommended to flash separately 2 or 3 times on each treated area, do 2 or 3 treatments per week.
2. Areas with thick hair (like underarms/bikini line etc) can be flashed left to right or down to up, to make sure the energy covers all parts to get the effect you want.
Features & details
Enjoy Smooth, Hair-free Skin: Intense Pulsed Light uses warm gentle light to break the cycle of hair regrowth and put the hair to sleep. Gentle, pain-free pulses of light are applied at the root, after several treatments, hair is prevented from growing back for up to 6 months, leaving you feeling more confident. (*Note: The effect of hair removal varies with different hair. Please be patient.)
Unique Design & Efficient Hair Removal: Replaceable attachment design for customized treatment on each body area. For example, replace an attachment that use for safe treatment of hair on the upper lip, chin, cheeks and other sensitive areas (order separately). The 4cm big flash window can help you remove hair quickly to save your time.
2 Flash Modes & 5 Energy Levels: Manual Flash is used in small areas like the face, armpits, and bikini line. Automatic Flash is used for quick and efficient hair removal result in a large area such as legs, arms, back, stomach or chest, etc. Five energy levels are suitable for different skin sensitivity. Please start with Level 1 for the first use.
Some Things You Need to Know: 1. Except for women's facial hair, all other parts need to shave and then irradiated. 2. Be careful not to touch the lens with your skin, it is really hot. Because pulsed light is a kind of energy with temperature. 3. VEME V401 is corded-electric, not battery-powered. And the device can only work normally after it touches the skin. 4. Everyone is unique, please customize the most suitable treatment plan to achieve better results.
Top Quality and Service: 1. 100 Day Money-back, If you haven't got superior results after 3 months of continuous used, you can get money back. 2. If your device has problems within the one-year warranty period we will send a new one at no cost to you. Any problems, JUST please contact us.
Product information
General Information
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IPL Hair Removal Device with Replaceable Attachment Design Home Use for Body, Fa

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