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Fade The Itch Tattoo Aftercare Serum Fast Healing Itch Relief 15ml
Fade The Itch is the first and only tattoo aftercare serum that uses patented dry heal technology to heal and protect new body art. The serum covers the artwork with a fine antibacterial shield meaning that cling film is only required for the first three to four hours post inking. The non greasy formula is quickly and easily absorbed, will not clog up pores and allows the skin to breath. Customers can go about everyday life with without the worry of artwork sticking to clothing or staining bedding.   
Its pharmaceutical ingredients are clinically proven to cool the skin, deliver antibacterial protection from infection and relieve Irritation. It moisturises skin hydrates and locks in ink. The serum speeds up healing times with an average heal within 4 days. It is free from parabens, fragrance and lanolin and can be used on any skin tone or type.    
How To Apply: 3-4 hours after tattoo is applied remove cling film cover. Gently clean and dry artwork and apply a fine layer of Fade The Itch serum. Cling film is no longer required as the serum leaves a dry antibacterial coating that also prevents artwork sticking to clothing or staining bedding.  ​  
Clinically Proven To: Cover artwork with a dry antibacterial shield, reduce itching and irritation, speed up healing, protect from infection, hydrate and moisturise skin, stop artwork sticking to and staining fabrics (such as clothing or bed sheets), locks in artwork, provides a mild anaesthetic, balance the natural pH of the skin.     
Helps the tattoo with unbelievable faster healing times, and helps with the irritating itching. A product I personally use after every session once I have removed the first wrap from my artist.  
I have added a Tattoo Goo Antibacterial Soap in the listing as that is the combination I use myself.

Fade The Itch Tattoo Aftercare Serum Fast Healing Itch Relief 15ml

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