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Belles Style Advanced IPL Hair Removal Device, Over 500,000 Flashes, Laser Hair
Previous studies have proven that the sole use of low energy pulsed-light (Optical Energy) is effective for long-term removal of unwanted hair on light skin*; 1 month following 6 bi-weekly treatments, the average hair reduction percentage was 92.3%*. An additional study with the Infinity specifically showed that the addition of Galvanic Energy enabled hair removal on dark skin as wel
Features & details
Belles Style IPL Hair Removal Device makes it even easier to CONCEAL YOUR OUTER BEAST
Provides up to 500,000 flashes, ensuring you'll never need to buy a replacement cartridge. Thanks to the super rapid light pulses, treatments are completed by Gliding (for large areas) or Pulsing (for small areas). A full-body treatment can be done in less than 20 minutes!
Belles Style have adapted the technology for safe use in your own comfortable home. Compared to the large costs of salon on hair removal, this laser hair removal can get the same result with less costs.
This hair removal device uses advanced (Intense Pulsed Light) technology, offers safer, painless and permanent hair removing experience. light pulses penetrate the hair follicles, causing them to shrink gradually in contact with light and heat, it will accelerate the process of natural hair falling out and inhibit the growth. It's easy to own tender skin in 4 weeks and significant result in 8 weeks.
Thoughtful Design & Safety Guard - The hair removal device has a non-removable head. Safer user experience is ensured without light leakage and dispersion. It’s lightweight and ergonomic, with streamline design for easy to hold. This laser hair remover only flash when the device is applied firmly on the skin at an angle of 90°.

Belles Style Advanced IPL Hair Removal Device, Over 500,000 Flashes, Laser Hair

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