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A313 Retinol & Retinal 1500 Cream Gel Vitamin A Acne Wrinkle Pigmentation Scar B

This is not the ordinary skincare face cream. A313 & Retimax are the most effective Retinoid products on the market. Use A313 Retinal A Gel no more than 2-3 times a week, the rest of the days use Retimax 1500 Cream witch has healing properties and also contain Vitamin A Retinol. Its Very good for dry sensitive skin. You can also mix the products together. Wage a war on wrinkles with an age-defying creams packed with Retinol A - one the most powerful skincare products for younger looking skin. Retinol: A big-hitting anti-ageing ingredient that's a huge name in skincare industry. Retinol is actually a derivative of vitamin A and has the power to prevent collagen ( our natural anti-sagging protein ) from being broken down. Its also wonder-working enhancer, boosting firmer skin and reducing wrinkles. This Retinol creams will help to smooth your skin by speeding up cell renewal, and slow down the process that creates pigmentation, so aiding the reduction of ageing sun spots. If you start using A313 Retinol cream its always a good idea to add SPF to your skincare routine as the sun can minimise its powers. And, if you haven't used Retinol products before, you might want to start slowly and build up a tolerance before regular use. But it's worth it. Get set to expect plumper looking skin with a more even tone. That means Goodbye Wrinkles , age spots and other imperfections. A313 is a hardworking product and this moisturiser not only hydrates but helps turn back time too. It can be used around eyes too, where skin is thinner and more delicate however do not go too close to eyes as this the cream is strong and can irritate the eyes. This nourishing moisturiser is packed with age reversing retinol, working to reduce the look of fine lines for a smoother finish. Its top world beauty anti ageing secret, witch works to smooth out wrinkles, boos collagen production. This pampering age-defying moisturiser is designed to promote younger, firmer skin.


Improves fine wrinkles, treats acne pimples, spots, blemish, scars, pigmentation


Retinol A Vitamin A Retina


Use only at night before bed time

Safety Warning

Do not use when pregnant. Apply sunscreen during the day.

Features & details

This is not the ordinary retinol face moisturizer, cream or serum. This is the best Retinol skincare with vitamin A for many skin issues like acne, wrinkle, blemish, scars, pigmentation. Nr 1 Best product on the market. ( 2 tubes )

Do not use this products during the day. Only at night this creams are doing its magic! Nr 1 anti aging ageing skincare! works better than many ordinary creams and serum. It doesn't make your skin peel but improves elasticity works anti wrinkle and its perfect eyes crow's feet filler. Very high in retinoid. Helps treat hyperpigmentation.

A313 & Retimax 1500 are french and polish beauty products. A313 Retinol is in form of pomade gel 2%. Retimax contains 1.5% of Retinol and is very rich deep repair vitamin A night cream. They come in tubes to protect they freshness. 80 gram of product in total.

Its a real revolution in skincare for spot, sun damage, blackheads, fine lines. works like instant remover. its also great pore minimizer. Perfect under eyes where skin is thin and dry. smooths crow's feet

Rapid results on skin brightening, lifting collagen boost eczema. The best renewal for mature, damaged, aged skin.

A313 Retinol & Retinal 1500 Cream Gel Vitamin A Acne Wrinkle Pigmentation Scar B

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