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Skin Tags Remover Pen, VOONEEN Mole Remover with 9 Strength Levels &LED Spotligh
VOONEEN Skin Tags Remover Pen
Say goodbye to all kinds of skin tags and moles, building up your inner confidence!
At-home Skin Tag and Mole removing!
To leave your skin looking and feeling silky smooth and beautiful, without any harmful side effects.
How to use your skin tag remover?
mole remover pen safty 
Why we need the skin tag remover?
++ Easy to Operate
++ Time and Budget Saver
++ Safe and Effective Beauty Kit
++ Almost The Same Results as visiting a dermatologist.
++ Physical Treatment No More Harmful Chemicals
Install the needles:
1). Directly insert the coarse needle into the head of the mole remover pen and tighten clockwise.
2). The fine needle should be used with the pinhead cover. Put the fine needle in the needle cover, then insert the needle cover into the pen and tighten clockwise.
Operate the pen:
3). Long press the ON/OFF button for about 2 seconds to turn on or off.
4). Short press the ON/OFF button to switch the power level. 5). Double press the ON/OFF button to turn ON/OFF the led spotlight. 6). Press and hold the OUT button to start functioning of the pen, and tap the pen on the targeted area of skin to work through the blemish.
What need we pay more attention
Patience is crucial, Please be sure to read the instructions carefully before use.
The sting caused by the pen is tolerable, make sure to find the comfortable level, combine with numbing cream if necessary
Sterilize and disinfect the needles before use.
Test it on a small patch of skin first
Gently sweep at the targeted area back and forth, do not stay for too long on one place.
Do not pierce the skin during the working process.
Put it on the safe place to avoid the naughty children.
Package Includes:
1 x Mole Remover Pen
2 x Coarse Needles
1 x Charging Cable
30 x Fine Needles
2 x needle cover
1 x storage bag
1 x Manual
Features & details
【SAFE & EFFECTIVE MOLE REMOVER】 Leestar skin tags remover pen adopts with advanced Germany carbon-ionization technology allows for No bleeding, No sensation of being shocked by electricity and No side-effects. Effectively and quickly remove your moles, skin tags, freckles, warts, pigmentations, nevus, age spots, small tattoo without damaging unintended areas. Say goodbye to those frustrated skin care troubles, rebuilding your inner confidence.
【HOW TO USE OUR SKIN BEAUTY KIT】 simply turn on your mole remover pen, choose the gear you want, then hold and press the OUT button and gently sweep targeted spot from back to front with small area. Usually the fine needle (one time use) on lower gears to target small moles, skin tags, freckles, and other small pigmentations, the coarse needle (reusable) on low and high gears to target larger moles, freckles, warts and nevus. For more detailed instruction, please look through the uesr manual.
【FDA APPROVED SKIN TAG REMOVAL】Approved by FDA, 5 outstanding features: ①Powerful 9 levels for different skin tolerance ②Built-in overcharge protection with quality USB charging cable make your mole pen more safer and more reliable. ③New featuring Bottom LED Spotlight makes your work more precise and effective ④A Built-in high capacity battery offer 2-5 hrs of runtime when fully charged. ⑤Precise LCD screen shows your working status, battery status, spotlight status and strength level.
【WHAT WILL YOU GET】your will get include 1 mole remover pen, 1 USB charging cable, 32 needles (30 fine needles and 2 coarse needles), 2 fine needles covers, 1 small bag and 1 user manual. Make sure you choose the Leestar mole remover when placing the order. 100% Money-Back guarantee, 100% 4 times strict quality checks. Your Safe is our priority. if you receive the damaged or problem mole removal pen, please don't be hesitate to contact us.
Legal Disclaimer
Always perform a patch test. We accept no responsibility for misuse of this product.
REMOVER PEN】 Have you ever dream of removing your skin tags and moles at home? Have you troubled by wasting hundreds of hours and a big fortune on the dermatologists? NOW!!! you can totally get rid of them just with Leestar miracle skin tags remover pen!!! Conveniently and Practically save your time and budget. DON'T HESITATE, JUST BUY IT!

Skin Tags Remover Pen, VOONEEN Mole Remover with 9 Strength Levels &LED Spotligh

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