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Harley Street Care Disposable Blue Face Masks

One size fits all - This face mask is ideal for both men & women. The ear loops provide great support and eliminate pressure on the ears, which makes the mask suitable for cycling, running, travel, or daily use. It has a soft high-quality fabric finish with an intricate filter system, making it ideal for day to day wear

Lightweight and comfortable - The Harley Street Care disposable masks feature a multi-filter 3-ply polypropylene construction, making them highly breathable while protecting you. The pliable nose piece is adjustable, which ensures there are no gaps between your face and the mask for a better fit

Disposable latex free mask - Avoid touching the face mask while it is in use. Replace your disposable mask with a new one as soon as it is damp or is soiled, taking care to not re-use our single-use masks. Use your fingers to lift the loops and remove the mask from the ear, and discard it immediately into a lidded bin

Sealed pack - The 100 piece pack of blue disposable masks come sealed in a polybag to ensure they are kept hygienically and to reduce the possibility of contamination, till they reach the intended user. Damp masks are more likely to contaminate everything around them

Harley Street Care Disposable Blue Face Masks

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