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Dragon's Blood Butter 250g | Soothes Irritation and Bleeding


Scent Lavender

Item form Butter

Unit count 250 millilitre

Number of items 1

Item volume 250 Millilitres

Prepares skin that is a perfect tattoo. Dragon's blood nourishes the skin before, during and after the tattoo with moisture and makes it smooth.

The skin during the Tattoo and then soothes and reducing redness of the skin, narrows the pores and reduces irritation and itchiness during the healing of wounds.

'Dragon's Blood – The main ingredient of Dragon's Blood is a brown red resin, from the stem of South American Drachen. It is an antiseptic Antidoxidant, the injury recovery.

It activates the skin regeneration, and promote the formation of collagen, a ligaments of the skin that is important for the skin's elasticity.

Balm tattoo – Dragon's Blood has a pleasant scent and is 100% vegan. It is free from animal ingredients and has been, never tested on animals

Dragon's Blood Butter 250g | Soothes Irritation and Bleeding

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