detox sauna infrared dry steam sauna spa capsule weight loss spa capsule

detox sauna infrared dry steam sauna spa capsule weight loss spa capsule

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Now in these days, human are way to busy with are high pressured jobs! we have no time to waste or to play sports, or do exercises.

This amazing machine can Additionally, consistent improvement of living standards and reduce obesity and bad spirits and ageing a good all time rounder for half the price.

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Principle and efficacy:

The photon energy stone steam space capsule condenses the medical and physical electronic technology knots such as chromotherapy, thermal therapy, and aromatherapy.Crystal's wisdom combines the essence of traditional Chinese medicine with Western technology to reduce the vast universe to freedom.In the controlled environment cabin, the soul of the person is unbounded to seek dreams and illusions. Bringing people's essence, gas, and In one, the infrared and the human fat cells produce resonance friction, break down fat, and make the subcutaneous deep tissue produce temperature.

Microliter, thus increasing the expansion of microvessels, promoting blood circulation, accelerating the metabolism of waste oils and excreted

And restore the vitality of the Ding cells to make people more energetic, improve disease resistance and body immunity. Rich negative ions

Just like the whole body is immersed in the forest, it makes people relax wholeheartedly, and the skin is deep cleansed and cleansed with pores.

Deep penetration and absorption of weight loss and body products to achieve whitening, moisturizing, increase skin elasticity and prevent wrinkles Deep and other effects: in the health care can quickly absorb the health care products, improve body muscle soreness, reduce physical and mental stress It has an auxiliary health care effect on rheumatism and gout symptoms.


1. Micro-computer controlled. With LCD, time and temperature can be adjusted, it can sterilize to protect the environment. It also can connect FM/CD. Automatically supplies and drains water out, it can control water levels and temperature.(Can freely equip with water shower)

2. Head is placed outside: This is the difference from the traditional sauna. Putting the head outside is better for breathing, so it can keep you relaxed, respire freely and make you comfortable.

3. Sport health: Steam or infrared is absorbed by human skin so that it can promote skin metabolism and blood cycling to release energy freely. It can take the waste out to make up for the shortage of sports activities. Therefore, it can reduce weight and take the toxin out, clean out the innards, and increase youthful activity. It can be used with Chinese herbs to cure obesity problems, and make the skin and body beautiful, enliven the brains and nerves and strengthen manhood and kidney.

4. Safety and reliability: The product focuses on human safety. Electronics controlled block and plugs are designed to ensure the safety and reliability. Output voltage is 12~36V, so you can use it safely.

Quality guarantee: The products are guaranteed for one year

Technical Datas:

1, The elimination of itching and skin inflammation.If bath for 30 minutes a day, will enable the whole body skin delicate, smooth.

2, Can dry clothes, kill bacteria.

3, Improve cold hands and feet caused by the deficiency of the kidney, warm the kidney, make up congenital strength.

Model number: GD568B

Package: 151(L)X81(W)X131(H) (cm);100KG

Voltage: 220 V (110V available) 50-60hz

Power:3000 W

There are three color options :

I do have a 8 week waiting list and will require a 20% deposit as all my capsule are in very high demand like all my items that are listed.

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