NourishbySK Eyebrow Hair Growth Serum Oil with Biotin - 100% natural ingredient
  • CONTAINS BIOTIN - Different from other brow serums! NourishbySK Ultimate brow serum is different to other serums due to it’s nourishing formula which includes BIOTIN. Unlike most eyebrow gels and serums out there, our brow serum includes BIOTIN which supports the maintenance of normal hair. Not only this!
  • CONSUMER TESTED & APPROVED! – We care about your satisfaction of NourishbySK products! That’s why our formula has been clinically tested by 300 consumers from which 94% experienced thicker, fuller looking brows in less than 6 weeks! Our formula is optimised for nourishing weak, uneven and sparse brows and visibly transforming them into fuller brows.
  • 100% NATURALLY SOURCED + VEGAN FORMULA! NO NASTIES - All the ingredients used in this brow growth serum are 100% naturally sourced and expertly formulated to revitalise over plucked and damaged eyebrows. Our formula includes the highest quality ingredients hand selected to support hair growth - all our naturally derived and do not contain any harsh chemicals or substances making it suitable for all skin types.
  • EASY, CONVENIENT AND SAFE - Our eyebrow serum with biotin is so easy and convenient to put in your daily routine! Just a few quick strokes day with the helpful applicator is enough to take advantage of biotin and other nourishing ingredients to get natural dramatic eyebrows. Nourish by SK comes with a fitted applicator delivering a boost of vitamins and nutrients in just seconds of serum application. The shape of the wand enables intensive application of the brow serum.
  • VISIBLY FULLER BROWS - Transform weak, uneven and sparse brows into drop-dead gorgeous brows that demand a double take with this clear brow gel for eyebrow growth. Don't take our word for it, clinical testing showed 94% experienced striking, powerful looking brows in just 6 weeks!

NourishbySK Eyebrow Hair Growth Serum Oil with Biotin - 100% natural ingredient