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Human Anatomy Study Cube | Study 9 Parts of The Human Body | Perfect Anatomy Rev

We've managed to cram 9 different body parts onto this 7x7x7cm cube! Meaning you'll be able to revise the:







Digestive System

Muscles & Bones

Circulatory System

Providing you with the most creative and fun way to study anatomy!

This product should not be substitued for formal educational and should be used as an additional aid to supplement academic learning. We recommend those over the age of 15 use this product as some terms are fairly advanced.

Legal Disclaimer

To be used for educational purposes only. 15+ Recommended.

Features & details

FUN & ADDICTIVE - Not only is folding the Human Anatomy Study Cube as addictive as a fidget spinner, but it’s also an incredibly fun and intriguing way to revise anatomy.

ADVANCED ANATOMY - With each fold, you’ll discover a new part of the human body and be able to revise anatomy in-depth using all the detailed information we’ve managed to cram onto this 7x7x7cm cube!

STUDY 9 DIFFERENT BODY PARTS - We've managed to fit 9 different body parts onto this cube. The eye, ear, heart, lungs, brain, skin, digestive system, muscles & bones and circulatory system. A true atlas of human anatomy.

FORGET BORING ANATOMY GIFTS - Not sure what gift to purchase an anatomy enthusiast? Forget the mundane, anatomy colouring book, anatomy flash cards or human anatomy posters. It's time to get them a gift they'll truely appreciate.

Human Anatomy Study Cube | Study 9 Parts of The Human Body | Perfect Anatomy Rev

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