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Burn Stop Burn Bottle, 50ml
BurnStop Burn Gel is supplied in a 50ml bottle. The gel requires no pre-cooling before applying to a burn making it a fast and effective way of treating burns. The gel is suitable to use on superficial and partial thickness burns and can be quickly poured on to the burn area. Immediate application to the burn site starts the cooling process instantly and stops the burn progressing through healthy tissue. The gel quickly cools the burn and sooths the pain. Burn Gel helps prevent contamination of a burn injury by providing a protective barrier against irritants that may delay healing time. Ideal for first aid at work or home or as an additional item to any first aid kit.
Burn Stop Burn Gel Bottle, 50 ml
Box Contains
1 x Bottle (50ml)
Features & details
50ml bottle of burn gel to cool and sooth a burn injury
Suitable for treating superficial and partial thickness burns

Burn Stop Burn Bottle, 50ml

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