Botulinum Toxin,injections temporarily paralyses the end of motor nerves that make muscles move. It is an excellent treatment for softening wrinkles, crows feet and frown lines.
When injected by a qualified and experienced practitioner, the eyebrow shape can be changed to give a nice wide eyed appearance, the neck can be tightened and the jawline softened to regain an oval appearance to the face, often lost through ageing. 
The aim of Botox injections is to weaken muscles rather than paralyse them, leaving some facial expression but still getting rid of the wrinkles or reducing them significantly.
The effects of the Anti-wrinkle Injections will start to wear off somewhere around three  months after treatment, however the wrinkles, crows feet and fine lines that return are far less severe as the muscles have been trained to relax.
The most common areas of treatment are as follows

The  most commonly treated areas include:

frontalis  (the forehead)
The procerus (Between the brows)
 The Orbicularis  (Eyes and Crows lines) 
At Facial cosmetics we can treat all three areas within a single sitting. This is the most popular treatment we offer and the most cost efficient. 
We understand that everybody is different and that is why you will have a full consultation prior to any form of procedure and we will tailor our services to suit every clients specific needs.