Dermal Filler Injections 


Dermal Fillers or facial fillers increase the hydration in your skin and improve facial volume and skin quality.  It has been clinically proven for the treatment of the face, lips, neck, décolletage, hands and the feet.


 the more plump and youthful the skin looks.The better you feel


Dermal Fillers for the face

When injected by an experienced practitioner, A very natural look can be achieved using Dermal Fillers.It will help to reduce the signs of ageing and counteract volume loss to areas of the face and body.


For example, a face that has lost its natural shape also the appearance of the cheeks will benefit from derma filler, which restores a fuller curve to the upper portion of the cheek, creating a natural lift to the cheeks. This softens the heavy appearance of folds and lines around the face.

considering there are quite a few different face shapes that were discovered more recently for example  kite, rectangle, teardrop, heptagon and oblong , not to mention a few more. What ever your shape what ever the issue we can help


Lip Fillers

As we age, Hyaluronic Acid  in our skin starts to decrease. Our lips start to lose volume and appear much thinner, especially if you smoke. Lip filler can be used to restore  and plump up the shape and definition of your lips, which would give them a very natural and plumper appearance.




















Dermal fillers for the hands

As we age our  skin becomes thinner, and the underlying structures in our hands become more obvious and people often complain of having veiny hands,with prominent veins can be very ageing.Dermal fillers can be used to hydrate dry skin and help make the hands look plumper and younger.


About Dermal Fillers

At Facial cosmetics  you will receive a full consultation prior to any treatment. The effects of Derma filler will naturally and gradually wear off between 8 to 12 months after treatment. Whilst this may be considered a more expensive option, when compared to permanent fillers, it is worth considering that the face changes over time and subtle adjustments need to be made as the face ages. In the event that a you are not happy with the results, we can use a safe solution to dissolve the product.



Dermal filler  summary


Recovery Time: 2-3 days


Treatment time: Varys

Number of treatments depending on the area: 1-3

Longevity of results: approx. 6-18 months

Consultation before any procedure



Dermal Fillers are used for the treatment the following: ​​


Ageing and dry hands

Facial volume loss

Dehydrated skin

Marionette lines

Nasal labial folds

Thinning of the lips

Ageing decolletage

Fine and deep lines​